Who We Are



Who We Are

Wine & Excellence believes that the attributes of a successful business are based on values result from intelligent and tested policies ; they must be kept!
We know that a business without a proper know how, it is like an engine that you want to work without oil ; very soon it will stop …
Our main values include: trust, respect and communication as the minimum conditions for a business to work.


Wine & Excellence is a young and in continuing growth company, with specific targets and ambitious goals . 

Our company is involved in an investment program for developing its own trading network for selling the wine of excellence , especially on the German and Romanian markets, places that are the expression of maturity and quality of wine lovers.

We know that we owe the growth and success of our company to the fact that we have strong and capable staff members, such as our sales team and we are alwaysready  recognize the contribution they make in helping us maintaining the position we’ll enjoy in the market . 

Our professional team has the target to offer our customers the widest selection possible of wines so we are therefore always interested in new quality a.p natural wines that fall within our philosophy of work .

We selected for our exigent customers the wines with: unique history and philosophy, tradition, ecological & biological methods of vineyard culture, and not the last: with a superb presentation of the wines. 

We are pleased because our customers have confirmed our belief that if the products we offer are of excellent quality they purchase it!

We are proud because we know that we are a company that keeps its word to its customers, that guarantees that any product is delivered in time!

We are grateful to our customers for every bottle of wine that they buy and we do everything to make our clients to be pleased!



All stories by: Teodora